Customer Centric Approach

Our competences go beyond research or mystery shopping solutions, reaching measurable business strategies and tactics.

Know your business

Our trained Shoppers collect and report data on key points business. By simulating a customer behavior, Mystery Shoppers focus on evaluating customer service training, sales skills and adherence to the corporate standards of a brand.

  • we recruit and select Mystery Shoppers that share our vision through: passion, honesty and integrity.
  • the shop questionnaire, shop process design and the filling of the questionnaire by phone generate meaningful results and minimize two of the greatest challenges of on-site field mystery shopping: subjectivity errors and the null-result scoring problem.
  • we have a large network of Mystery Shoppers from all the corners of Romania.
  • our Shoppers are constantly trained in order to deliver the expected results in each assignment.
  • we ensure an excellent shop quality record.
  • we deliver customized, detailed reports for your business improvement.

What we deliver to our clients:

  • mystery shopping, mystery e-mailing, mystery calling results;
  • objective, controlled data, information or photos;
  • detailed and focused customized information;
  • anonymous and authentic customer experience;
  • mystery shopping in your competitors’ locations that brings you helpful insights relating to your market position.


What makes us special:

  • we offer a secure, password-protected website that guarantees confidentiality of information.
  • our web-based platform enables 24/7, real-time access to your data through internet.
  • we offer a customizable interface according to corporate brand standards including logo, fonts, images, and colors.
  • user hierarchy levels that enable control of access to reports and information; views and access levels are driven by login permissions.
  • multiple reporting levels give you the opportunity to view results from each level to wide trending reports.
  • flexible online report access enables clients to view data in Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and other common applications.
  • data export to Excel format for reporting.