Business Intelligence Since 2008

Leadership is an inside job. Our agile research empowers business transformation from micro to macro performance.

We are a 360° marketing research company with a strong focus on mystery shopping campaigns. In over 15 years of activity we empowered our partners to evolve through smart and practical insights for better customer experience, mostly in Romania, but also in Bulgaria, USA, and Canada. Thanks to the passion of our expert team we never stopped learning and growing for the past decade.

Mystery Shopping Agency has expanded its areas of research and auditing expertise by joining Marketing Insiders Group, a strong multidisciplinary advisors’ business group that that unlocks operational and cultural growth by facilitating pioneering customer-centricity solutions.

What defines us

  • in-depth experience in working for a wide range of industries
  • complex evaluations conducted with professionalism and discretion
  • customized service that molds to unique brand needs and behaviors
  • strong emphasis on ongoing client communication for feedback and updates
  • determination to exceed the expectations of our partners
  • the aspiration to positively shape the local market research sector

Effective Mystery Shopping can be like a wake-up call to reality and has become a business survival imperative in recent years.

Our first priority is helping companies grow into top industry performers.

All with the goal to deliver practical, one-stop-shop research solutions that help our partners become customer experience leaders in their field.

Our agile business philosophy is built on 3 core values:

INNOVATION | by constantly looking for new ways to excel
PASSION | by offering more than data, strategic insight
INTEGRITY | by delivering quality and building trust